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   In the following You may find a brief summary about our company and business activities.

IntTalk Enterprise VoIP Solutions.

IntTalk is the name of Minerva-Soft's voip business unit. All VoIP solutions and services provided by Minerva-Soft belong to the IntTalk trademark.

The company Minerva-Soft with headquaters in Szerencs and offices in Miskolc and Budapest was founded in 2000 and offers software engineering for business' most sophisticated requirements.

The strength of the Minerva-Soft lies in the esteemed, customer specific software development, which is developed in accordance with the client's specifications. This has been proven on several occasions by means of numerous, successfully completed customer projects. Our German and English speaking colleagues have an extremely broad range of technological project experience.

Minerva-soft has a successful philosophy and a well-established team. With extremly motivated employees and team members in Hungary and international project locations with experience from different industries and different areas of specialization continually ensure the quality of our solutions.

IntTalk Voice over IP Development

Minerva-Soft delivers network communications since 2003 and has developed the first softphone solutions in eastern Europe.

Our VoIP - SIP and H323 - applications, are used daily by thousands of users and has brought serious success for us worldwide. Four of the six largest VoIP provider of Hungary are our customer.

IntTalk VoIP softwares offer:

Professional grade, high quality,
Fully custiomizeable,
Safe and encrypted,
SIP and H323 communication.

For further details about our out of the box or customizable software solutions, online services and software developer kits and licenses please see the Products & Services page.


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